Stay Connected All Over Your House

Are you continously annoyed by low wifi signals throughout your house. Do you have to change places everytime you wanna do some task, watch movies or play online games. Not anymore. Better Signal™️ Wifi Extender will extend your current wifi modem range. And expand it to your whole house. Giving you super strong signals for all of your taks to be done quickly and easily.

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  • Queen Tierra

    Before buying the extender the WiFi in the far end of my home was very poor and sometimes no signal. With this extender, I am able to stream on my tv without any problems. The WiFi signal literally went from poor signal to excellent signal. I highly recommend this item!

  • Winston

    I don't typically write reviews, but I feel this warrants one. My modem and router are kept downstairs, and my upstairs study is an almost complete dead zone, I'm lucky to get above 1-4 Mbps, while other rooms get 20-25 Mbps. I researched wifi range extenders, and this one seemed great for the price. It arrived a day earlier than planned, and after 5 minutes pairing it with my network, it was plugged in and working perfectly. My computers now average about 22-24 Mbps in my study, which has a huge effect on my productivity and general enthusiasm for life

  • Homer

    If you use your internet everyday for school or work, slow speeds speeds can be detrimental. This completely fixed the issue for me. The most value for money purchase that has improved my life. Other more expensive models probably have some features this doesn't, but if you just want to fix dead zones for not much money, this is the answer.

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