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Cocktail Smokes™️

Cocktail Smokes™️

Product Details

- 1 X Type C Fast Charging Port (20 Watt)

- 1 X 3.0 QC Fast Charger Port (18 Watt )

- 1X Wireless Charger (10 Watt)

- 6 X USB 2.4 A Charger

- Display Voltage For Each Device


- 120mm X 90mm X 50mm

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Package Content

1 X Quick Charging Dock™️


How do I turn off the display?

Tap the screen to turn display off

Do the usb ports charge fast or slow?

Quick charging dock comes with
6x Standard 2.4 A docks
1x QC 3.0 Fast charging
1x Type C Fast Charging Port
1x 15w Wireless Charging Pad

Money Back Guarantee

Take Advantage Of Our No Questions Asked 30 Day Guarantee.

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Make Delicious Smoky Drinks At YOUR Home

Are your friends and family going to be envious seeing this? Well, OF COURSE. Our Cocktail Smokes not only adds a classy smoky flavor to your drinks but is also the party shot at every gathering and party.

Enhancing the flavor of your cocktails and wines, our kit is guaranteed to make your drinks special. And maybe impress your next date with your boyfriend or husband. 

Get The Party Started

Combining the aroma, flashy fire, and the smoky presentation of drinks. Cocktail Smokes is simply going to make your friends, guests, or dates say "wow".

Since when was it so easier to get such a special drink, so easy at HOME.

4 Appetizing Flavors Setting A New Bar For You

Cocktail Smokes™️ comes with four natural wood chips. Each carefully picked, one is guaranteed to make your cocktail taste better and more delicious. The aroma blend in smoke, and adds a unique flavor to your drinks that you won't find anywhere else. 

The Perfect Gift

For all the husbands, boyfriends, and spirit enthusiasts. Nothing is gonna get them more excited than this unique Cocktail Smokes™️ Kit. Not only making it a perfect gift. But a perfect remembrance of you. Every time they wanna enjoy their fav drink.

Package Content:
1 Set ( Smoker + Refill (Oak + Peach + Cherry + Apple ) )
Smoker Only
4pcs Refill (Oak + Peach + Cherry + Apple )
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FAST⚡Charge Up To 9 Devices At Once

Finding it hard to charge all your devices at once? Maybe your chargers are occupied at all time. Or you don't have a fast charger for every device. Or it's just the messy cables that annoy you. That's why we invented the Quick Charging Dock. A complete solution for charging all your devices at once, at maximum speed🔥. So you never encounter low battery on your devices again.

What IF You Never Had To See Low Batteries Again?

Quick Charging Dock combines all your charging needs at one place. So you never forget your charger, or charging your device. It's convenience lies in charging all devices at once. So you don't have to queue your devices to charge. Just connect and charge, it's that simple.

Charging For Whole Gang

Picture yourself hosting a party or at a friends house. You won't have to make your friends wait for a charger. Just bring the Quick Charging Dock and let everyone charge their devices. There is nothing more boring than sitting at someone's house with a dead phone waiting for a charger.

Universal Compatibility

Quick Charging Dock is compatible with all the devices. From apple to samsung, airpods to tablets and smart watches. You can charge every smart device with Quick Charging Dock.

STOP 🛑 Spending A Fortune

With popular brands removing chargers from new devices. Did you know how much do you have to spend on chargers of same capacity, as offered by Quick Charging Dock.

Let's do the math

- 1 X Wireless Charger = 45$

- 6 X Type 2.4 Chargers = 120$

- 1 X QC 3.0 Charger = 30$

- 1 X Type C Charger= 40$

A Total of 235$ vs 69.97 for Quick Charging Dock

And all of that still doesn't stop cluttering, cords running everywhere and the mess to find lost chargers every single time.